RXO BAND Bigliettino 8GB

RXO SMART BAND da 8 GB + software RXO BAND con chip RXO interno!

L'ultima versione, più facile da usare. Quelli intelligenti finiscono per acquistare il loro orologio RXO qui, non lasciarti ingannare!

RXO SMART BAND: Per visualizzare il testo con la massima discrezione e sicurezza.

SMART BAND exam orologio bigliettino

- Easier to use, more memory, faster and more discrete!
- WORD, PDF, TXT ... (displays all types of documents NON SHINY)
- Able to unlock protected PDF documents.
- JPEG (displays images 80x160pixels)
- Images in color or grayscale "you decide how to transfer".
- Quickly access your files and view them with maximum clarity.
- Regulates the darkness of the text in the watch itself.
- Emergency Button. Activate it not only from the text, even from the menu or any folder.
- Pressing the emergency button lock buttons and displays black screen.
- Manual and automatic advance.
- Regulate the automatic advance speed from 1 to 60s "for slower copying".
- Displays all kinds of symbols and scientific formulas (symbols software included).

Even more...
- Screen over 12000 pixel resolution.
- Displays all kind of alphabet.
- 16 configuration languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese ...
- Original product, patented and owned by DIGITAL-MEMORY.

Is this display too small? Do I need more text on the display? The display is ideal, a bigger display is not necessary because the automatic advance simulates a constant dictation to copy at a perfect rate, so the text that enters the display is more than enough. Now you will understand: "when the teachers dictate something to you in class, they only pronounce one or two sentences, because if they tell you 4 or 5 sentences you are not able to retain it and you stay behind, the product does the same, you go visualizing exactly what you need to copy at all times.

Included Accessories:
- Software Manual RXO Band in Spanish and English.
- PENDRIVE (usb memory flash) with RXO Band software + symbol software to add symbols to your documents.
- USB cable for data transfer and charging.


-Windows: tutti i tipi di file di testo, PDF, WORD, TXT... + immagini JPG

-MAC: Non compatibile con MAC.

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Paga con la garanzia completa tramite PayPal, carta di credito o di debito, bonifico e WesternUnion.
Spedizione discreta, nessun logo o nome commerciale appare sulla confezione.
Non giocare con altri orologi, solo gli orologi RXO ti offrono la massima sicurezza e discrezione.
   - Negozio ufficiale: siamo situati in Calle 8 de Septiembre, 6, locale 2. 41440. Lora del Río (Sevilla) SPAGNA.
   - Telefono: +34 646 347 536. Email: digital-memory@inventoelectronico.com

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RXO BAND Bigliettino 8GB

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