RXO PRO Smart Control

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This is a latest technology device with remote control, able to control your text documents, images and folders of your mobile phone remotely and without the need to touch or manipulate it. It is placed on your chest with an elastic band, it is linked to your mobile and ready! Just touch your armpit or chest to change the page or folder, also has automatic advance.

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The remote control for your mobile that nobody will can see, only you. It includes APP with multiple configurations to organize and visualize documents and images with total discretion and security.

Accepts all types of texts and images.

Where do I hide my mobile phone? Do not worry, we already know that they do not stop using phones, hehehe.

Option 1: CLOTHING or ACCESSORY (recommended, excellent):
Now is when we use our invisibility technology:
- Store your mobile phone in a case, folder, backpack or notebook with a 360º anti-spies magic filter label. It is a "seemingly simple" case, folder, backpack or notebook of dark color, which you can leave on the table, on the floor or where you can observe it.
- Keep your mobile phone in a pocket in dark pants, preferably black, for this you must cut the outside of your pants and cover the hole with a label antispy in that area. In this way, only you can see the documents and images displayed on the phone since the magic label does not allow anyone to see 360 degrees around you.

Option 2 (recommended, very good):
On your chair, between your legs.
With the simple gesture of closing your legs you will hide your mobile. In addition, the APP includes the function of decreasing the text area at the top of the screen, so when you open your legs slightly, you can see the top of your smartphone, which is where the text for this option is displayed.

What does this product include?
• 1 RXO Smart control device.
• 1 elastic chest strap with device holder.
• 1 License that activates the PRO-RXO version of the Chuleteitor APP for Android *
• 1 magic filter antispy 360º, to stick in a case, folder or notebook.
• 1 magic filter antispy 360º, to rivet on fabric (in your clothes, case or backpack).

* At the moment it is only compatible for Android

Includes CR2016 long-life button battery (3-4 Days of continuous use)